The Hero’s Ballad



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Meet the Heroes!

Meet Brom, hero of the Honesty Blade. When five knights sit around a campfire boasting of their deeds, he decides to use his magical sword to play their swords against his, like a violin and bow, to reveal their secrets. Are the knights who they claim to be? And are some secrets best left unsaid?

Meet Wigmund, hero of the Hundred Years War. When he discovers a root that gives him the power to sway men’s emotions with songs, he decides to use it to help win the throne of France for King Edward III. Can he overcome the entire French army with only the power of his voice?

Included inside, a sneak peek at Medical MECH. When a corporation in the market to sell household medical robots turns out to be an evil factory with goals of world domination, Riley must defeat them with the one thing that can stop them–music. But he’ll need the help of a punk rocker and her gang of misfit musicians. Together can they defeat Medical MECH before it destroys the world?