When Nostalgia Meets Gaming

Nostalgia can have a powerful tug at your heartstrings. We often romanticize our past. It doesn’t matter if we were struggling through difficult times, embracing a new adventure, or growing into adulthood, memories will flood our thoughts and remind us of an easier time. Nevermind that living through the event may have challenged us on every level: physical, spiritual, environmental, mental. Nostalgia tells us we lived and we experienced. 

Anyway, all those philosophical thoughts are likely going to be wasted on this post, because from here on out I’ll be talking about the nostalgia of a video game. But it isn’t really the game which brings about the memories, it’s the events I lived during the time I played the game.

The game is Final Fantasy XII. It originally came out October, 2006. My wife and I were newly married. I worked at Shark’s Tooth Golf Club, was still studying to become a teacher (being an author wasn’t even a thought), and I was extremely happy. I can still remember the night I beat the game, because my wife worked all evening long on a college paper while I stayed up and played FFXII. Procrastinator. She should have completed her paper early like I did.

I am pleased to say I’m still extremely happy, married to the same wonderful woman, have three beautiful children and all that jazz…but like I said earlier, times seemed easier then. Chalk it up to nostalgia.

Final Fantasy XII was recently re-released on the PlayStation 4. The game follows orphan, Vaan, as war looms on the horizon. The Archadian Empire is invading neighboring kingdoms, and Vaan’s home of Dalmasca is next. When Dalmasca’s king is assassinated, Vaan, a sky pirate, an exiled knight, and a princess thought dead must uncover the mystery behind the Archadian Empire’s invasion in order to restore their home. It’s a political tale filled with intrigue, airships, and war.

I haven’t played the game in years, and I’m excited to dive into the world of Ivalice once again. The new version of the game even features a new leveling up system, so even though I have beaten the game before, parts of it will feel new and fresh. Add improved graphics and a re-orchestrated soundtrack, and my game sessions will be filled with both fun and nostalgia.

So what are you playing? Shoot me an email and let me know.

Final Fantasy XII