Wait, whaaat? You’re saying I can read your next story now…and for free? Crazy!

I know, crazy right? Like the title of this blog post reads, you can check out my next story for free, without buying it. But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Sorry about that. The thing is, the story is only partially available. What do I mean? Well, I’ve added a new Short Stories tab to my website. There, you can read the first few pages of Curse of the Conquistador, available now in Adventures in the Arcane, Volume II.

Warning! You’ll be left with a cliffhanger. You’ll find yourself buying the book to finish the tale, which is only $0.99. An additional warning. The book includes 7 additional stories just as great as mine. You won’t be able to put the book down. You may lose sleep. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On top of adding a sneak peek of Curse of the Conquistador, I’ve archived my older stories on the Short Stories tab, too. Now you can read Toes in the Sand any time you’d like. Plus, a former student of mine wrote a quirky story about a Wizard who plummets from the sky and desperately needs a broom. So check out the tales and pick up Adventures in the Arcane, Volume II. But remember the warning.

Adventures in the Arcane, Volume II


Kids are Talented, Continued

A couple days ago, I shared artist Andrea’s character art for Medical MECH. Today, I figured I would showcase a former student’s writing. I’m a U.S. History and Civics teacher, on top of being an author, but from time to time I also teach Creative Writing. This story was written several years ago by a student named Hector. It’s called The Wizard. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

“I sure hope this works,” said the wizard, as he stepped off the cliff. As the wizard was falling, he said some magic words: “Hokus, pokus, robababa lobus!” and a broom appeared at the wizard’s feet. He said with hope in his voice, “Fly!” But the broom did not fly. It was just there being a broom. The wizard kept trying different commands, but the broom refused to fly. He looked at the ground, which he was about to hit, then he looked at his broom, and he cursed it. 

Splat! went the wizard. Then the broom came to life and cleaned up the mess.